Salvation through Deterioration / Nocturnal Horde

Mcd 2010 - (Review March 2011)

Industrial Black Metal can be a dull experience or an eerie travel through a void of darkness, evil and brainshattering noise - a tough razors edge to balance on, as the usual evil and grimness get a counterpart by electronics that, not always sound as evil or disturbing as intended.

This rather new Dutch band have some of the right stuff going on for them, their Black Metal base is solid, pretty standard Black Metal riffing with a nice cold and raw edge to it, and some rather well performed simplistic melodies. The vocals are raw and most of the time deep, varied with a high and earpiercing scream, also a good feature. The quite monotonous drumming is caused by machine, and fits the overall atmosphere and concept well, though a more machine-like and pounding feeling from the drums wouldn’t hurt the overall atmosphere and industrial feel. And the industrial feel and atmosphere is what I miss here, I miss being disturbed and carried to a dark and eerie place where I am defenseless of the audio-terror. The industrial parts here, mostly being samples of distorted soundbits, which are a bit too mainstream and not that fitting.

Styxian Industries have a solid base and with a little work the overall impression of the band could be extremely good and disturbing. This demo is a bit to bland, even though it has its highlights to be found among the traditional Black Metal bits, but it will be exciting to follow this band into the future as the base is made and the things that can be put on top of that are countless.

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