Salvation through Deterioration / Metal Exposure

mcd 2010 - (review: August 2011)

Styxian Industries is a pretty new band from the Netherlands. They play black metal with industrial influences, which is obviously a big success since their first promos got sold out pretty fast. This resulted into a re-release of the first real demo: ‘Salvation Through Deterioration’.
The album contains five songs and starts off with no shitty intro or anything like that, but they get straight to the point with the first song: Remnants of the Former Self; something I like very much.
Throughout the mcd, the industrial influences can mainly be found in the drums and the instrumental parts, like title track Salvation Through Deterioration. The recording quality of this might require some more improvement because it’s a bit disturbing every now and then, but never the less they managed to create a nice demo. The rough vocals give the band a great old school sound, but the industrial twist creates a nice breeze of modernity through the music. This band might get very interesting as soon as they are going to bring out their first full length album and the quality of it will improve a bit.
Styxian Industries is very promising and have the capabilities to grow into something big and unique. I would say: stay tuned.





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