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mcd 2010 - (review: January 2011)

After hearing the rehearsal demo of this band in 2009, I was eager to hear how it would present its industrialised black metal on a proper studio product. It took a while, but in December 2010 I received the package with the newly released material. This time without any bonus items such as magnets and buttons that came with the last one, but with a nice serene white lay-out and infosheet. Salvation through Deterioration turns out to be a quality release. The industrialised drums (the drummer uses electronic drum pads to get the right effect) are integrated in good black metal with both a modern as well as an old-school feeling. The old-school element is probably due to the Mysticum influence they mention. The songs are solid - tighter and more distinguishable than on the rehearsal demo - and the sound is going in the right direction. I still feel the vocals could have been more clear and pronounced, and the overall sound could have been a bit sharper (a bit more like the industrial drums and soundscapes used) to give it an extra edge, but that could just be personal preference. By now I have seen the mcd in various shops around Rotterdam, so who's to say it's not available near you. Otherwise contact the band a.s.a.p. if you're into industrial black metal.






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