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demo cd 2009 - (review: November 2009)

Even though this four-track demo cd is 'only' a rehearsal, you can hear that - when provided with a real studio - this band has the potential to deliver quality industrialized black metal. Styxian Industries originates from the town of Gouda, and consists of four guys and one girl. Together they have managed to make their music not too cold and industrial, but emphasize instead on the riffs they play. I think that the music itself can already hold its own without the industrial extra's, which are mainly brought forward as rhythmic support. Because it is a rehearsal, I will not delve too deep into productional flaws, but I do hope that on a future release they will bring the vocals more to the front... And I have already heard that they are preparing and/or recording one right now! By the way, a nice and unexpected bonus were the fridge magnet, button, and keyring of the band I received with the cd. Now that's promotion!






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