Styxian Industries - The Last Generation MCD (2014)
White digipack with minimalistic red artwork and matching red colour on the playable side of the disc in biohazard ziplock bag.

Label: Post Apocalyptic Music
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Styxian Industries - Redreom SplitCD (2012)
Manifestation Exaltation Revelation - Der Befehl Lautet:Toete

Label: Total Death Records
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Salvation through Deterioration (2010)
5-track demo-cd (pro-pressed)

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Winterpromo (2009)
3-track promo CDR

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Live in Gouda (2009)
6-track promo CDR

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Renormalized existence (2009)
5-track promo CDR

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Promo 2009 (2009)
3-track promo CDR

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20th of december we will cause some earthquakes in Groningen together with Aborym!

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The Last Generation MCD

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